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How to Have a Clean & Good-Looking Bathroom

Who doesn’t love having a clean and tidy bathroom? We bet everyone’s day starts better when the bathroom is clean, everything is in its place, and the only thing that you have to do is get ready. However, to have this great experience every morning, there are a lot of things that have to be done regularly. As with every other space in a home that’s used regularly and probably by a few people, it’s bound to get dirty and disorganized. If you want to stay on top of things, read the tips, we from R&A Jehovah LLC, as a quality cleaning service provider, have found to work best over the years.

Have a Daily Wipe Down

If you want the surfaces in your bathroom to stay clean and shiny, spend a few minutes every day to do a quick wipe down. For example, while you are brushing your teeth in the morning, you can wipe the counters. When you are waiting for your curling iron to heat up, you could give the mirrors some love and remove any stains that got on them in the last 24 hours. When you are done with your shower, you can also quickly wipe down the glass screen so no water stains are left on it when it dries.

Remove Excess Clutter

This is not something that people talk enough about. In some situations, cleaning can be cut in half if only the excess clutter is removed from the space. Yes, you read that right, 50% less time spent cleaning your bathroom can be achieved by decluttering products you no longer love or use and reducing the decorations on the counters.

Control the Excess Moisture

Another great tip to keep your bathroom clean and good-looking is to make sure there’s no excess moisture is left on the floor and any other surfaces once you are done taking a shower. Use towels and/or a mop to remove any excess water before you continue getting ready for your day. Once this becomes a habit, you will notice how much of a difference it makes.

Tried these tips but would still love to get some help with the maintenance of your bathroom? We are here to help! If you live in the Kansas City, KS area, all you have to do is give us a call at (913) 243-3281 and we will provide you with the quality cleaning service you need, whether it’s for a bathroom or any other space in your house.